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Firstack General Manager Shi Yimeng was invited to visit Infineon Germany and delivered a speech

Recently, the general manager of Firstack SHI YIMENG was invited to visit the headquarters of Infineon IPC Germany and delivered a speech entitled "System-oriented and Intelligent Gate Driver". This is the third time of intimate interaction between the two leaders after the first Innovation and Business Forum in Asia Pacific in 2015 and the Infineon Asia Pacific AE Conference in 2016.

This visit is for three days. On the first day morning, general manager Shi Yimeng received a warm welcome from senior IPC leaders and senior engineers, including Dr. Ralf Sambeth, Vice President of IPC, and Dr. Markus Hermwille, Director of High Power Modules, Director of Small and Medium Power Modules Dr. Roland Ott, Director of Systems and Applications, Director of Christian Arndt, Chief Engineer Dr. Daniel Domes and Chief Engineer Dr. Uwe Jansen attended the interactive conference. For this meeting, Aung Thet Tu, director of market and application of IPC-driven IPC, also made a special trip from the United States. Strong lineup, fully reflects the importance of the two sides for the exchange.

At the meeting of the day, Ralf Sambeth, Vice President of Infineon IPC, on behalf of Infineon IPC, delivered a warm welcome to the general manager of Shi Yimeng, pointing out that both sides were good partners and Dr. Ralf Sambeth also introduced Infineon's overall situation and future strategic planning, hoping to have more technical cooperation with Firstack in the future.

Subsequently, Mr. Shi Yimeng, General Manager of Firstack, delivered a speech entitled "System-oriented & Intelligent Gate Driver", which introduced the development course, technical concept and future strategic planning of Firstack Technology. Which referred to the "system priority" design concept, and innovative technologies including "Immortal driver", "Driver Hub", "Big data applications, intelligent driver" and so on, attracted all the experts here and led to heated discussion.

In addition, Mr. Shi Yimeng, accompanied the Infineon engineers, visited the production plant and laboratory of Infineon Power Module.

After the meeting, the two sides joined the dinner together to discuss the depth cooperation of technical and commercial projects in future. "I has benefited from this Infineon trip," said Shi Yimeng, general manager of Firstack. "And it is our pleasure to work with Infineon. In the period of rapid development, Firstack will continue to struggle. Adhere to independent innovation, customer first and the quality of the king of corporate culture. And I hope that the two sides will on the basis of existing cooperation to broaden the areas of cooperation to create greater value. "

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